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Thread: Audeo B-R Charging case desiccant?

  1. Question Audeo B-R Charging case desiccant?

    I've had my new Audeo B-R HAs almost 3 weeks now, and I've been searching for details on how to work with the desiccant in the lid of the charging case. How does one know when it needs to be replaced, and where does one buy it?

    I looked in the available documentation and on their web site, and did not find any details. Why would this be so hard to find?

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    The drying capsule changes color from orange to white when it's time for replacement. Your hearing professional can order refills from Phonak:

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    Don't take my word for this, so take this as just a guess, and check yourself before trying it.

    It is very likely these are nothing but silica gel, which can be dried in the oven or microwave. It will likely change color again when dry.

    Phonak sells them as consumables to: "Create additional business for your clinic with refills", as stated on their website.

    Wikipedia says to dry at 250 F for 12 hours.

    I may be wrong, so check this yourself before trying it. They aren't terribly expensive to just buy new ones.
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    So, following the link, I see "C&C Dry-Cap" refills. I know that these are intended to be used in the C&C Dry Cup. Are they the same ones that are used in the B-R charger case? One audiologist on Amazon said they were too big for the charger case, but I don't see any others listed.

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    They are just silica gel - don't use a microwave you might get excessive localised heating. Get a spare sock and put them in an airing cupboard or on a warm radiator/window-sill.

    Every audiologist should stock them - they ship free with Oticon product in the UK.
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