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Thread: Oticon Opn miniRITE Is Now Rechargeable

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocketmahn View Post
    Hear is a quick update (pun intended) after using he Rechargeable OPN's.

    I had mine upgraded last week at a cost of $300.
    The upgrade took less than 15 minutes.
    They replaced the HA battery door.
    The new door is very slightly longer than the original - maybe 1/16" (as measured).
    The new door has two gold contacts on the bottom which connect to the external recharging base (included) - never have to open/close HA doors again for about a year.

    My experience - although limited and with new batteries has been great.

    They have never ran down when used all day - for me usually about 14-15 hours and NO streaming (Android).
    The longest usage was 15-16 hours and did include 1.5-2.0 hours of streaming from TV adapter.
    They seem to recharge fast - I would guess in about 3 hours.
    The manual shows various battery usage times from 15-19 hrs based upon streaming, no steaming etc.

    I used regular 312 batteries on the way home from the Audi until I could get a full charge on the z-power batteries - so you can use both type of batteries.

    Link To Manual:

    Value? Your mileage may vary. $300 is kind of steep for a little plastic door or when adding up the cost of disposables.
    For me having my HA's work every day, all day, without having to scramble for batteries while driving or in a meeting is worth it.
    The little recharge stand is nice to hold the HA's in place and out of the way when not in use and I find the charger LED's make a nice nightlight.

    I will miss having the sticky battery cover tape stuck to my finger tip and watching a 312 roll around the sink and disappear down the drain!!!
    Thanks for sharing this experience, Rocketmahn!

    Did they tell you how much the replacement rechargeable batteries will cost? And how many charge cycles you'll get out of it?

    The other thing I wonder is whether the capacity remains the same up until when you need to replace it, or if there'll be a gradual loss so that toward the end you won't be able to get a full day of use out of it before it runs out.

    15-19 hours a day is cutting it pretty close. I mean if you sleep 8 hours a day then you'll need it to last you 16 hours, and there's a good chance you can stream 4 hours a day, from watching TV for a couple of hours and streaming for phone calls and music listening while commuting for a couple of hours more. I can see once the ConnectClip 3.0 becomes available, streaming for work phone calls using the ConnectClip 3.0 can take up hours more a day as well.

    What about the warranty? And is there any warranty for the rechargeable batteries as well?
    HA wearer since the 1990's > Rexton Insite+ CIC (2011-2016) > Oticon OPN RITE (2016)

    KHz 0.25...0.5...0.75...1.0...1.5...2.0...3.0...4.0... 6.0...8.0

    Left ...10...10....10.....30.....70....75....80....95.. ..90....80
    Right .25...30....40.....55.....75....85....90....90...1 00...100

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    I just found the Oticon OPN rechargeable kit advertised on for $560 (retail $999 - sheesh!). On it's advertized for $375.

    If your audi only charged you $300, Rocketmahn, I think it might be at his/her cost.
    HA wearer since the 1990's > Rexton Insite+ CIC (2011-2016) > Oticon OPN RITE (2016)

    KHz 0.25...0.5...0.75...1.0...1.5...2.0...3.0...4.0... 6.0...8.0

    Left ...10...10....10.....30.....70....75....80....95.. ..90....80
    Right .25...30....40.....55.....75....85....90....90...1 00...100

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