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Thread: More closed fitting for better speech in noise?

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    ^^^ Your audiogram is not so different than mine - altho my hearing is a bit worse! For YEARS my aud-guy fit me with ITC aids. A few years back, he tried the BTE + tube, but I was allergic to the custom mold in my ear. I think that at our level of hearing loss, a BTE *would* be ideal! It's just that cosmetically it looks cludgey, even if it offers the best POWER to address our level of hearing loss. My new Oticon Opn miniRITE aids may not deliver much more power than my older Agil Pro ITCs, but they offer a crisper speech. Plus, the soft, silicone power dome can fit into my swollen ear canals at the beginning of the day. I'm guessing that a BTE would provide the optimum power for me, but I've had to make a trade-off with physical limitations that require a more flexible receiver in my ear. My power dome is not vented, so that is another way in which I try to get the best device that meets other criteria. You might ask your audi about trying out one of the newer RIE aids to see if you can also enjoy adequate hearing without complete occlusion. My guess is: you CAN!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Avign0n33 View Post
    I've been interested in this topic, for years. While I generally have such poor hearing that I barely function without the aids on, I seem at times to understand better with no aids. Currently I have the molded ear canal with the receiver embedded in the mold, but, have often wondered if I had a less-closed device. I've asked the audi (VA), but, she thinks that my hearing is so poor, that I can't use anything less than a mold.

    Because of your hearing loss in your low frequencies, you need the earmolds.
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