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Thread: Signia Silk (Ready wear CICs)

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    .. and when using over-ear Hifi headphones it sound terrific. With my BTE RITEs I easily get feedback of course.

    It was mentioned here that new HA's should be priced as an entry level to attract new customer. Well, another way to look at it is why buy some mediocre HA when there's somthing better available. Too many HA's are stored away in a drawer because of disappointed first time users. In my opinion my hearing is so important for my quality of life that price is irrelevant. But that's me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Morton View Post
    Yes, I know there have been som similar tries, but those I know of were much simpler devices. I used the Starkey for a period, but it cant compare. It clogged easiliy, no filters to replace and blocked the canals. The Silk incorporates the latest processor technology. And the trick with Silk is the removable silicon sleeve in different sizes and shapes. The unit itself is very small. Contrary to what you say they sit surprisingly well in conventional canals (like mine) with the right dome size. But of course, if you have very narrow canals there might be problems with these also. I heard from my audi in Norway they trippled the CIC sale with the Silk.
    Ha, that's great - Marketing Channels not ear canals ;-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by EddieK View Post
    Lastly, I am wearing a demo/loaner/trial unit, and I found it interesting that the fitter used Connexx Eight software to tell the connected aid which performance level to do. I am currently set for 3px. Apparently the aid is capable of being a 7px device, but it is being intentionally crippled by the software to be 3px. Is that the case for all primax aids that are sold? Or only for the demo units? I'm really curious if anyone know the answer to that...
    The is only possible at the provider level for the s-demos. Unitron allows this for all of their products, so you can still upgrade after purchase.

    I imagine it would be possible at the manufacturer level to make a programming change like that for any device, so long as they share the same chip. It's pretty standard for manufacturers to make their top of the line product and then strip things out of it for the lower cost devices. Usually they seem to strip the algorithms that the most recent R&D have gone into, or the most complicated, but not always. For example, the Opn was such a paradigm shift that they didn't know how to make the same device at lower price points, so they just made it less effective. But an Opn 1 is the same device as the Opn 2 from a hardware standpoint, just has different programming.

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    Also, if you like the silk sound but not the feedback, why not just get it in a traditional CIC? Same sound, better fit.

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    ^^^ This discussion just made me think that it would be smart for the Mfg to program the demo units to allow testers to try out all levels. Maybe one program for level 1, another for level 2, another for level 3. That will let the tester decide whether they want the most premium level or whether the least premium level is good enough for them based on their everyday listening environment.

    Of course how smart this is depends on how much crippling they do to their software. If they don't cripple it enough then most people would be prone to just choose the least premium level.
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