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Thread: Ordered K7's from Costco

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    Default Ordered K7's from Costco

    I had my second appt with Costco Monday to try out the KS7 and run through some more testing. The fitter at Costco said this would give me a chance to see how the HA's would feel in and on my ear and give me a very general idea of how they would help my hearing.

    She went through some of the features and just set up two programs (automatic & noise) so that I could see the difference the programs can make in the way the HA's work. She also told me to take full advantage of their 180 day trial period because an hour at the store only gives one a very basic idea of how they work. I was told at a minimum give it at least 60-90 days to get accustomed to using them and trying the features.

    I placed my order and will go in next Tuesday for the fitting and was told to set up a follow up appt for two weeks. Also same as Doc she suggested keeping a journal especially during those first two weeks and if anything does not seem right, tinny sounding voices or anything else come back in and they will make adjustments to the HA's. Also was told not to get discouraged or frustrated because they will do whatever they can to fine tune them for my situation.

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    I get my KS7's fitted when I get back from vacation on Wednesday. I ordered them a week or so ago. I've been researching programs and features so I'll have a clue when I go in. I'll compare them to the HI Health HA's I've been wearing for a month or so.

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    I got one about two weeka ago. It works fine and hardly notice it. EXCEPT sometimes I get this terrible itch in the ear

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    That's typical. My doctor sugested a drop of olive oil. If you want to buy a specific treatment, Eargene is available at Amazon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by edsperfect View Post
    I got one about two weeka ago. It works fine and hardly notice it. EXCEPT sometimes I get this terrible itch in the ear
    I had an itch when I started wearing closed domes on my OPN in the first few weeks of getting them, too. But eventually it went away. I'd say if it doesn't bother you too much and it's only sometimes and not all the times, just give it some time to see if it'll go away.
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    It's taken a few weeks for the itching to stop with my KS7. Some have more sensitive skin that is more easily prone to irritation. Fortunately for me, other than the occasional reminder that they are there, it's easy to forget they are in my ears. Here's hoping you'll get to that level of comfort (or more) soon.

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