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Thread: Oticon OPN retail package - what speaker is included?

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    In Australia retired people are entitled to a subsidy from the gov't when they buy hearing aids. I guess that's why shops charge that much. So everyone waits until retirement age to buy subsidised ones or buys overseas via internet if they need it earlier.
    Actually only gov. pensioners and children get the subsidies. Simply retiring does not entitle you to any subsidy. And the best health fund rebates are around $1,000 every 3 years. For a limited time there is a small tax deduction for disability aids but that cuts out soon due to the introduction of the NDS which does not cover run of the mill hearing loss. The subsidies cover a basic level aid so even pensioners have to pay thousands extra for an aid like the Opn 1.

    If you are buying from overseas first make sure they have an international warranty. Most audiologists here will not program them if you run into problems so you might want to check with the local audiologists first. Much of the cost of HAs is the included services so check on the cost of adjustments if they are willing to do them. There are lots of places online to buy any consumables but sending aids back to the US for repairs or receiver changes may mean being without them for an extended period - think weeks. This sounds ok compared to not being able to afford them at all but it is much harder to do than it sounds - especially after you become accustomed to amplification. Taking off your HAs feels like someone has blocked your ears with something or is holding a pillow over them.
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