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Thread: Hearing Aid Self Programming Help for Self Programmers

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    Quote Originally Posted by pvc View Post
    I also have to deal with the damn forum police? Didn't you just say you ain't no forum police? Did I say I'll give it a try in the Thread: Choosing a cabled Hearing Aid Programming Device?

    I'm trying to be nice/civil to you. You think this was just a flame war. It's more than that from my view. So you need to back off.
    I didn't say I was the forum police. I in fact said I was not. That's obviously up to the admin of this site.

    My good sir...this is far from a flame war. I've had my share. It seems to me we're having a fine conversation trying to figure out who's who and how we communicate.

    You've been providing excellent information for all to learn from. But then you spoil the mood with your tirades against cszoom1. Give it a rest. He can say what he has to say and you can say what you have to say. That's how these things work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cszoom1 View Post
    Oh, and by the way, hacking into a company's private, password-protected server and then posting unauthorized links to the fitting software contained within should get you a date with the real-world police.
    Do you have proof that anyone "hacked" anything? Maybe someone "inside" generously provided the links? Maybe a sympathetic audi somewhere? You don't know.

    And you have any commercial, for-a-price software on your computer that you didn't pay for? I'll bet you do. And the old you speed on the roads, blow stop signs etc? I'll bet you do.

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