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Thread: What is a mini Pro USB?

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    Default What is a mini Pro USB?

    Today I had the opportunity to take a closer look at the scheme of the mini Pro USB.
    I was very surprised by what I saw!You know that a Hi-Pro USB is a specific medical device.
    This means that the device must be electrically isolated from the patient.
    The original Hi-Pro programmer has electrical insulation.I supposed that the Chinese producers
    have economize that part.I was very surprised to see that there was such electrical insulation
    in the mini Pro box.The surprise became even greater when I saw that for this purpose an expensive
    electronic component was used($20)!
    This made me look at the scheme in more detail and I found it to be an upgrade version of the Hi-Pro USB.
    What is actually happening is a mystery, but I would no longer be worrying to use a mini Pro Usb for
    the fitting hearing aids.
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    I will say this,,,
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