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    Good lord, insurance companies are silly

    Their money their rules..

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    Well,Thanks a lot for the suggestions. My practical limits are weighed down by finances that restrict me to ebay used items. thus a slightly old audeo q 70 which i find a1 ! . tried this and that in my rt./bad ear and iffy results ;maybe better direction ,tiny amount hearing improvement. should i join costco ,do they ever sell refurb/used ? probably not . id like to try a button hole or mouse style microphone for noisy restaurant tables.
    thanks for all the kind posts;

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    Really you aren't that bad off, Georgey. The Q70 is pretty close to a "modern" aid. It has a slightly weakened noise feature but should be adequate in most situations. If they are properly adjust to your loss, you've got a very decent aid. Having problems with noise still affects the most modern premium aids for many of us. The complaint you have is common. I'm not sure but suspect Phonak has a remote mic but it probably requires the phone/BT device also. One of the pros here can verify or deny that.
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