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    I haven't posted in a long time. I was doing well dealing with my hearing loss. Just recently I was diagnosed with Meniere's disease and you can tell by audiogram signature I think. Anyway my warranty will be running out in August on my Oticon Alta pros, so instead of paying for batteries, and fixes I am thinking of upgrading. With my loss what brand of hearing aid will work better for me ideas or suggestions needed? I am trying to be pro-active and not just let the Audiologist control the situation. Daily I read lips especially for soft spoken me - I just can't hear them. I struggle daily in large groups and loud places and driving in the car is the worse. I want my hearing aids to do and offer me more than just amplifying sounds for me. I want clear sounds and sometimes I think my hearing aids are not going to give me that. Right now after a long day of work, school or any outing - I can't wait to take my hearing aids out and store them in that nice box. So basically when I am at home I don't wear them and sometimes I leave them at home in the box on purpose too. I know hearing aids will not give me back normal hearing but I sure would like something close; if the low sounds are amplified sometimes in situations I can't hear people talk, and don't get me started on driving or riding in the car, I can't hear anything but road noise or wind so forget conversation, and I don't want to buy a new air tight car. Anyway enough of my ranting. I would appreciate all suggestions and feed back.

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    I had Menier's and know what you've gone through. I hope the attacks has lessened or ceased. With it my WR went from 80%+ to the teens. I share many of the same problem except for the car and my Subaru isn't the quietest car.

    As to brands, it really difficult. I've tried the Signia Pure version at Costco and settled on the Resound Linx (KS7) and didn't find much brand difference with soft voices or get solid understanding with either. It helps but the Meniere's did a number on me. From what I gathered, Meniere's isn't a specific disease but a collection of symptoms. Typical though is a loss in understanding/WR.

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