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Thread: America Hears AHPro 3 programming box

  1. Default America Hears AHPro 3 programming box

    I searched here and found a couple other people wondering the same thing but no definitive answer...has anyone attempted to connect major-brand fitting software to the AHPro 3 programming box (or perhaps any prior version)? And of course then onward to the HA's?
    Again like the eminitec it has the same connectors and all...I wonder if this is yet another box that maybe just maybe could be used as another option.

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    This programmer works with America Hears hearing aids only and ADRO® Fitting software!

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    Thanks horia.
    So what happens with this and even the eminitec when you try to connect to it with something like Rexton fitting software? Is this something you've tried to do?

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    Your hearing aids from which company are manufactured?

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    Quote Originally Posted by horia View Post
    Your hearing aids from which company are manufactured?

    I have the Rexton KS7's from Costco.
    I'm using that as an example of a major manufacturer and their fitting software. I could just as well ask about Phonak or Oticon.

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    Do you have any programming box?

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    No I don't.
    I'm exploring all opportunities of alternative boxes. I came across the eminitec earlier and now the ahpro 3.
    I don't have a problem with the mini pro and with it being the least cost I would probably just get that in the end. I'm just curious. Short of laying out a pile of cash to try all of them ...I wonder if people have tried them before. Or that if people have these boxes for them to try connecting to them with major-brand fitting software.
    I think it could also be worthwhile to know all options in case of stumbling across one at a flea market or in the classifieds or something.

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    Hmmmmm, I have a computer with the female mini-DIN connectors for Mouse/green Keyboard/purple. Have you ever seen those?

    I never use these connectors because I use a USB dongle for wireless mouse and keyboard. Aside from the color, they look identical to the female mini-DIN connectors on a Hi Pro. Perhaps our industry professionals who have been using Hi Pro’s all these years have never thought of connecting a pair of hearing aids to a computer using the mouse and keyboard ports?

    Maybe you could try connecting the left hearing aid to Mouse/green and the right hearing aid to Keyboard/purple and see what happens.

    If you do get a connection and the fitting software says the left/right hearing aids have been switched, then all you need to do is switch the left hearing aid to Keyboard/purple and the right hearing aid to Mouse/green.

    Have you tried that?

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    Yes, I am kidding
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    Thanks for the kidding
    Yes those are the old ps/2 connectors that these programmers use. They externalize one USB connection and virtualize a com port to it and then be able to access two outputs on the box. A little like a USB hub maybe even.

    To the kidding ...if we could virtualize a com port to those keyboard and mouse connectors then maybe. But I don't think that's doable.

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    To Fitting Rexton KS7 HA, you can use only Hi-Pro USB,Hi-Pro 2,NOAHLink and ConexxLink programers boxes.
    To set up of your hearing aid you can only use the Conexx Fitting Software.
    I advise you to buy a Hi-Pro or miniPro.

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