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Thread: Soundbar vs. Bluetooth for TV?

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    We have been using the TV Link II for several years with our Direct TV box and with Blue-Ray for streaming. It worked wonderfully (though we also used closed captions for everything but news programs). Recently, we wanted to increase our internet speed, which required a switch to a cable provider. The cable box did not work with the TV link, so we bought Tivo Bolts for our two TVs (we could not make a Tivo mini work with the TV Link). The only problem is that we've had to move from the middle digital sound connector to the analog option on the TV Link. The sound quality is ok, but if we move away there is a lot of static.

    Before Tivo, we tried Roku. That didn't work at all.

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    I use the TOSLINK connection on the TV connected to the OTICON TV Streamer and works great

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