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Thread: How does the VA work for Hearing Aids?

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    I heard back from my VSO. I have to prove that my loss is service connected. She suggested that I obtain my medical records from my time in service. When I looked online for that, it doesn't look like they are available. I did read that I should apply to the VA and they would get the records. But that isn't what the VSO said.

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    You got the correct information.

    So what did you do in the service?

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    The New Jersey/New York VA Health Care Network ( states "hearing aids are not customarily provided to non-service connected veterans. However if there is a medical reason, a VA physician can refer a non-service connected veteran for a hearing evaluation."
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    Dude pay attention... since he was not actually in RVN he doesn't qualify for VA healthcare unless he can get a disability rating.

    If he could get into the healthcare system if he needs aids he would get them if the loss was service connected or not!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doc Jake View Post
    You got the correct information.

    So what did you do in the service?
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    After I get my DD214, I am going to try to get an appointment with the VA in Birmingham and see if they can get my medical records for me. I seem to remember that when I got out, they said that all my records were lost. I know I got paid for leave that I wasn't entitled to.

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