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    Default keeping HA's in

    I live in florida and now that it is hot and humid it is hard to keep my open end domes from sliding out... I have tried many different sizes but with the same result...they slide partly out.... would molds help and would that cause occlusion? I've read that they make molds with holes in them to stop occlusion? I haven't talked to my audi yet, wanted to see if anyone has any ideas....thx in advance

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    Here is a very long discussion we had on that topic. But the short answer is "yes." Custom molds is the way to go. Concha locks are an additional option with those, which is covered in the link. The hole is called a vent. A bigger vent means less occlusion, but also affects the aid's sound and possible feedback. How big you can make the vent depends on your loss, which we are currently not aware of because it's not in your signature (hint).
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    INFO: about a month ago I posted about my domes always sliding out.... my audi just had me try ZIP tips and they work great no more constantly pushing them back in my ears

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    ^^^ What is a zip tip? Is that like a "leash" that attaches to RIE aids? I use to have that on my Oticon OPNs. However, I can TOTALLY relate to the sweaty/extrusion issue here. I often travel to humid places, and have found that my hard case Oticon Agil Pro aids DO extrude with humidity. There is no leash to attach to this style of ITE aid. On top of which, in hotter, humid climates (Japan, HI, India) my ear canals swell up, so the hard plastic aids just won't seat right. I try to jam them in and not only does it HURT, but I get the irritating leaky-squeaky feedback issue from poor seal.

    THANK GOD I have two pairs of aids: the others are Oticon OPN REI with soft, silicone double-domes. I actually start every day with these aids in; as the day progresses, if weather and humidity allow, I sometimes switch to the Agil Pro aids, which provide a more natural sound to me.

    I've heard of more flexible ITE aids (or were they just ear plugs?). But this is what we need for aids! We need a case that is water resistant, NON-ALLERGENIC, and soft/flexible for a good seal and comfortable fit. Invent that and reap millions, cuz we are all getting older and deafer. I sometimes wonder how hearing aids have not progressed to the level of comfort like a pair of shoes even! Imagine if we all had to clomp around in wooden shoes f'instance. So why oh why do we get HARD plastic hearing aid cases - half of which I am allergic to even tho they are so-called "hypo-allergenic"? Yes the domes are far more comfy, but they are only for BTE aids, with the mic pointing up at the ceiling. GREAT for conversation comprehension when the person is in front of me and not floating on the ceiling. But I digress ...
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    What is "Zip tips"?
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    here is a web-site to take a look at them... my audi had me try them instead of making molds ... I dont know if it's something new? you can get them solid or vented... he did have to make minor adjustents to volume and treble/bass for me but they work great for me

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    Have you got sports locks fitted to the receivers? They will give extra retention without having to change your tips

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