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Thread: Oticon and rock band Styx to stream world's first live concert to hearing aid wearers

  1. Default Oticon and rock band Styx to stream world's first live concert to hearing aid wearers

    I'd like to know more details on how they are going to do this.


    Oticon and Rock Band Legend Styx to Stream World’s First Live Rock Concert toHearing Aid Wearers

    Somerset, NJ
    5 July 2017

    In a world's first, Oticon, Inc. has joined forces with chart-topping 70s and 80s rock bandStyxfor a live concert broadcast exclusively for fans wearing the company's Oticon Opn™ Internet-connected hearingaids. Scheduled as part of the band'supcoming "United We Rock" summer tour, this will be the first time a live performance will be delivered directly to hearing aid wearers, enabling them to stream the heart-pumping sounds of an in-person concert directly to their hearing aids. Thepartnership will highlight Styx's continued commitment to high-quality sound as well asOticon Opn'slife-enhancing open soundexperience.

    Opn, Oticon's family of Internet-connected hearing aids, can communicate directly with a full range of connected devices, so wearers can listen to TV; connect with doorbells, smoke detectors, and other smartdevices; and even get the weather—all through their hearing aids. And now, hearing aid wearers can add "listen to the live broadcast of a rock concert" to the list.

    The award-winning Opn also performs well at in-person events. The small, discreet hearing aid delivers a more natural, clear, and open sound that allows users to more easily participate in conversations incrowded, noisy environments such asrestaurants, public venues or even live rock concerts. Now available as a rechargeable solution, Opn miniRITE hearing aids can be charged overnight to provide wearerswith all-day power to last through any big event.

    Rockin' through the ages
    Many fans that grew up listening to Styx are now at the age where hearing loss becomes more prevalent. In fact,one in six baby boomersexperience hearing loss, making it difficult for them to enjoy concerts,theater, and other public events.This new active generation of people with hearing loss wants solutions that allow them to stay engaged in all aspects of their lives, and the advanced technology of Oticon Opnenables them to do just that. From making it easier to follow andparticipate in conversations with multiple speakers to delivering the unmatched sound of a live Styx concert, Opn proves that when treated,hearing loss sufferers can live active, social lives.

    "This partnership between Oticon and Styx is a match made in sound quality heaven," said Sheena Oliver, Vice President, Marketing at Oticon. "The Styx live broadcast is an exciting way to reach Opn wearerswho are affected by hearing loss,and also helps to remind people of all ages about the importance of hearing health. Through this event, we will demonstrate how Oticon Opn enables those with hearing loss torock on and actively participate in all of life's moments andmemories."

    In addition to demonstrating the wireless connectivity of the Opn platform, the live broadcast will highlight Styx's legendary production quality, which it has replicated on its new album, "The Mission," releasedon June 16. Styx produced thealbum, the band's first in 14 years, using many of the same analog production and recording technologies that gave the band its distinctive sound on hits such as "Renegade","Come Sail Away", and "Blue Collar Man". "We are proud toannounce a special alliance with Oticon to present the first live concert to be streamed to fans wearing Oticon Opn hearing aids," said Tommy Shaw,lead vocalist and guitarist for Styx. "Hearing loss affects fans of all ages and with Oticon's newtechnology, we are looking forward to being a part of this historic event!"

    For more information on the entire Oticon Opn family, visit

    About Oticon
    Oticon is one of the most innovative hearing device manufacturers with more than 110 years of experience putting the needs of people with hearing loss first. Oticon has spearheaded a number of technological breakthroughs which have made asignificant difference for people with hearing loss. Oticon’s “brain first” audiological focus recognizes that speech understanding and comprehension are cognitive processes that happen in the brain. Oticon’s innovative BrainHearing™technology is helping to provide better hearing with less effort by giving the brain the clearest, purest sound signals to decode. Oticon designs and manufactures hearing solutions for adults and specialized pediatric instruments. “People First” isOticon’s strongest and most valued commitment to empower people to communicate freely, interact naturally and participate actively. For more information

    About Styx
    The six men comprising Styx have committed to rocking together with audiences far and wide by entering their second decade of touring. Averaging over 100 shows a year, each member of Styx is committed to making the next showbetter thanthe last. Styx draws from over four decades of chart-topping hits. Like a symphony that builds to a satisfying crescendo, a Styx set covers a wide range of stylistic cornerstones. From the progressively sweeping splendor that is "TheGrandIllusion" to the hunker-down fortitude of all that is the "Blue Collar Man," from the regal reach-for-the-stars bravado of "Come Sail Away" to the grainy all-in gallop of that rugged "Renegade" who had it made, the band draws on an unlimitedcache of ways to immerse one's mind and body in their signature sound.

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    I would imagine that if you're at the live concert and wearing the OPN, you'd have 2 options: get the sound through the air to your OPN's mics, or listening to it through the streamed content. I would imagine that the streamed content (albeit live), would be delivered by something equivalent to their TV Adapter 3.0, but with a strong enough signal to reach all areas in the concert, or multiple TV streamers strategically placed to provide full coverage everywhere.

    And now, let's be real. The heart-pumping sounds won't be coming from the streamed OPN. If you're there live it'll be from the humongous speakers thumping the air through your chest...
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    No one will be at a concert. They are going to stream to your aids via the internet if your Opns are online.

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    Oticon needs to focus more on getting their accessories to market vs. gimmicks like this. I'm getting tired a year later of still holding the damn iPhone to my mouth to have a phone conversation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abarsanti View Post
    Oticon needs to focus more on getting their accessories to market vs. gimmicks like this. I'm getting tired a year later of still holding the damn iPhone to my mouth to have a phone conversation.
    Amen! I second this!

    But I got a nagging suspicion that it's not a technical issue or mfg issue that's delaying their ConnectClip 3.0 streamer. I'm beginning to think that maybe it's a licensing issue perhaps that's holding it up. We know that Oticon licenses and deployed the CEVA RivieraWaves BLE technology, most likely on the TV Adapter 3.0, because Apple already provides their proprietary BLE for the iOS. So maybe they can't get the CEVA BLE license for the ConnectClip 3.0 until later on this year for some reason. Maybe they thought they could close the deal with CEVA for the ConnectClip license by end of Q1'17, but it's dragged on to end of 2017 instead for some reason.
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    I doubt licensing. Everybody else has BT<>BLE working for their accessories.

    If you go back to early press releases, they touted everything was designed in house. If you look at their annual report, it says they reduced the design staff and moved it to another country. Looks like the design they came up with was one of those clever kludges that is sexy until it craps out. Reminds me of the early days of computers and companies like Ohio Scientific where the specs where great but the systems were flakey.
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    It's not like they haven't designed Bluetooth streamers before because they already have their ConnectLine streamers for the previous lines of HA out for years, and they already have the TV Adaptor 3.0 available and work beautifully with the OPN. So I just don't see why it would take so long to roll out the new ConnectClip 3.0 if they already have the know-how, because they wouldn't have to start the ConnectClip design from scratch in the first place

    But maybe the logistic like you said about them moving their design staff to another country is holding them up. I didn't know about that part. Thanks.
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    I have often thought that many concerts would sound better if there were no speakers and they were streamed to the audiance.
    Especially those in acoustically poor hockey or basketball arenas with reverb from the back and side walls.
    Everyone would wear high quality wireless head sets (and adjust the volume to your liking)
    (OK - maybe the sub woofers would be live (50mS delay?) for chest thumping experience).

    Also - does anyone find it ironic that many of us likely had at least some of our hearing loss induced by attending concerts (Styx?) in our more youthful days???
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    Just pondering how many hearing aid wearers have lost their hearing due to rock concerts in the first place. Seems like a drug treatment facility teaming up with the cartels.

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    My wife attributes her hearing loss to "dating the drummer in a rock band" when she was younger and sitting in front of the speakers.

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