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Thread: New assistive/alerting device NUGUNA Neckband

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    Default New assistive/alerting device NUGUNA Neckband

    NUGUNA Neckband is a new device designed to provide more alertness and engagement in everyday life for people with hearing loss, HoH, and deaf/ Deaf people.
    It is a band worn around the neck which alerts the user to the direction of oncoming high pitched sound through vibrations. In addition, it alerts the wearer to social media notifications, phone calls, SMS , and even natural disasters. It can also be used as an alarm clock.
    Form more information check out
    The press release concerning collaboration with activist Casar Jacobson,

    The community's feedback is highly appreciated.

    Thank you.
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    Kind of silly. A screenless Apple Watch etc. I guess it is big enough to last longer with a large battery. Some might like the alarm clock function.
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    I can't comment on the sound-location function, but you can get similar notifications from a xiaomi mi fit wrist band together with an appropriate app on your smartphone.

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    Ack. If such a device could be worn on HIKES to HEAR folks all strung out in a single-file line I'd buy one tomorrow. I just have to slap my forehead at the companies trying to make money off us without TALKING to us. TALK TO ME. I will tell you that what we need is a flexible material aid (soft, forms to the ear canal), comfortable enough to wear 24 hours, with perfect seal, POWER, and clarity. You can't make that yet? Then get lost.

    Sorry for my jaded reply, but really.

    Minor aside: that neck ring is YUGE as our prez would say. I like to choose my own jewelry for the day.
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