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Thread: Best hearing aids for restaurant setting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hazeltoe View Post
    Does the Phonak mention include Costco Phonak Brio 2?
    You can tweak that platform, but the automatic doesn't have the speed or flexibility of the later platforms. However if you just want pure fixed directionality the degree of forward enhancement is going to be similar. Though speech recognition and noise management might not be as effective.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Um bongo View Post
    Best HA for actually hearing voices most acutely in Restaurant clatter and speech noise? Probably the Resound 3D in their dedicated Restaurant setting. (And FWIW Phonak/Unitron product too.)

    Will you enjoy this experience or find it very natural - possibly not.

    So on balance it depends whether you're willing to put up with more aggressive filtering/dynamic directional effects in this environment or you just want more normal 'passive' sounding aids and let your brain do the filtering. (Oticon/Widex)

    Um bongo thank you for sharing this.

    On a "makes sense" basis - the Resound 3D allows the user to make and save custom adjustments to volume, tonal balance, noise reduction, and microphone directionality while the user is in the environment for which the adjustments are intended.

    This makes a case that it may be best as far as its ability to achieve its maximum potential.
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    Perhaps one most pronounced things with my particular loss was the improvement in restaurant situations. The day after I got them my wife said this was the first time in years she has not had to repeat to the waitress to me. I've got Resound Linx3ds and put them into the restaurant program. It's really the only time I ever take them out of the default.
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    Finally got a chance to try the Oticon OPN "Speech with noise" program yesterday at a noisy restaurant. When we first walked in, the host asked if we wanted a (mumble mumble mumble). I asked him to repeat it, no luck. Then I turned on the program and found that he was asking if I wanted a "gluten free menu" (no). I could also then hear my wife sitting across the table from me, which I could not with the general program.
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    I have found each restaurant to be different. Technology aside here are some tricks that I found helpful when wearing BTE HAs. Sit with your back to a wall. Cycle through your programs to find what might work best in that room. Turn off one HA or the other by opening the battery door.
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    I just saw my aud-guy today to have the "restaurant" setting tweaked on my Oticon Opn miniRITE aids. Previously, I'd found little if any difference between Program 1 and Program 2. That's cuz the only thing changed was "full directional" setting on Pgm 2! They both had the same MINIMAL noise management control and identical frequency set-up. D U H.

    After explaining to my aud-guy that ALL situations outside of a cozy, well-padded room make it difficult for me to hear/discriminate speech over the ambient noise, he has set up Program 4 to try out. This one will have full directionality, aggressive noise management AND he turned down the lower frequencies in a sweep of ranges (wish I could give the exact numbers, but it was the lower 1/5 of the total ranges). So far it seems to be better than Program 2 with the minimal difference from my default program.

    The jury is still out till I try these out in all locations: the mall, Costco (and busy stores), intermission at the concert, restaurants, airports, about 1000 other locations & situations.

    I think the key here is to be persistent and articulate the problem. It isn't always a simple fix, as there is fit, seal, programming and the various adjustments to noise management and frequency channels.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lahingoso View Post
    So you have heard it many times, lots of people talking, can't hear person in front of you.

    I have been checking all the latest hearing aids and speech in noise features etc. The Oticon OPN on paper seems to be the one that stands out.

    I would like to hear opinions from people who have tried the latest and best hearing aids, also from Audiologists who have had feedback on what seems to be the better hearing aids for noise, I know Phonak and Gn Resound also have some great hearing aids.

    PS do not beleve the hype it is different for all

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    Quote Originally Posted by HalfEar View Post
    I have found each restaurant to be different. Technology aside here are some tricks that I found helpful when wearing BTE HAs. Sit with your back to a wall. Cycle through your programs to find what might work best in that room. Turn off one HA or the other by opening the battery door.
    With directional settings on most modern aids you are better off sitting with the noise behind you and the people you want to hear in front. The worst for hearing in a restaurant is with all the noise and the people you want to hear all coming from the front.

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    My new aids have a feature that lets me 'focus' them to the arc of my choice, i.e. I can trim off sounds from behind me and beside me and only hear the sounds that are coming from within the arc that the table is within. Works very well for me. It does require that I carry a smartphone, and that the aids are connected to it, which sometimes means turning bluetooth off/on and waiting for sync. One of these days I'll remember to get that all working before I walk in the door. Maybe!
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    I got a new hearing test from Costco and decided to try the Brio 2 ITC hearing aids to replace my four plus year old Oticon Alta Pros The impressions were done and I am scheduled to pick up the aids on Aug 23rd. I will let you know how it goes. I will trial these before I consider other options.
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