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My hearing has deteriorated badly over the last 10 months. Ive now got Bilateral profound high frequency hearing loss, my speech recognition is only 50%. I'm in The process of getting new HA's as I type this. Yesterday I saw a new Audio for an adjustment of a trial pair, as my usual one is on leave. This new audio told me not to waste my time or money on getting new aids. She went onto to say I fit the criteria perfectly for Hybrid Cochlear Implants. Gave me a referral told me to send it off. Whoa! I'm at a total loss hear, I can't find very much info on these Hybrid Cochlear Implants on the internet.

Does anyone on hear have a hybrid cochlear implant?
Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions please?
I'm scheduled to get a hybrid or EAS cochlear implant soon. You are right that there isn't a lot of information available online about them. If you are a Facebook member, there are several Hybrid CI groups you can join. I'm hoping that they will be able to save my residual hearing but I'm also hoping that I don't lose it later. I live in NC near a clinic that has done a lot of hybrids. The company they like to use is MedEl. Hope this is a little help to you.