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    Good evening all.

    My left hearing aid went out today (battery died), so I was just using my right HA for an hour or so. I noticed something really interesting. The quality of everyone's voices immediately IMPROVED and I was able to hear voice tones much more distinctly than when both of the HA's were working. In fact, the voices were so distinct at times that it almost "tickled" in my ear when the sounds were being amplified (sorry, I know that's a weird word to use, but that's how it felt). Is this normal?? Maybe I was just hearing the actual difference between the two and realizing how much difference the HA's actually make?? At one point I almost felt like it was better than using two. I just found it to be odd. Any thoughts?

    I'm still going to talk to my Audi next week at my appt and tell her that I want her to find a way to equalize the tone quality so it doesn't sound like people are talking through a tube.
    HZ 250 500 1000 2000 3000 4000 6000 8000
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    RE 5 5 5 60 55 50 35 35

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    Hell of an idea!

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    When you say that, do you mean rhe idea is good or bad.....LOL....

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