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    I have worn bel tone aids for several years, I know the proper thing to do is wear both aids,but I am beginning to develope cronic ear infections in my right ear. I have a hole in the right eardrum from many years ago. I did not always wear my aids with the frequency tht i should have. I decided to start wearing them , from the time I get up till bedtime. It was the best thing I could have done. The problem is i am now getting reocurring ear infections.right ear only Today I started antibiotics and drops, I think my best bet is to just not wear the right one, because I think sweating and varying altitude changes where we are now is contributing to the problem.I have not discussed this with my beltone rep yet , but intend to when we get home to TX.

    Am I thinking this all wrong?

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    Hell of an idea!

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    With the puncture and other problems, I imagine you have an ENT or GP that is very familiar with your situation. Why not call them. Your Beltone rep isn't qualified to dispense the proper advice. He can't issue prescriptions indicates his qualification. So at least, get on the phone and call his office with the problem.

    And, if you figure out what Jake's post mean, you are ahead of the rest of us.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KenP View Post
    And, if you figure out what Jake's post mean, you are ahead of the rest of us.
    I think I am starting to figure out Jake's posts mean. With a lack of quotes, the hard part is trying to figure out what he is responding to. Once you figure out that, his posts make sense. Straightforward to the point.
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    Telling him it was a hell of an idea, since you don't get upstairs much, generally means you agree with the idea. OP said.. I started antibiotics and drops,​ so it seems he has seen a Doc.

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