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Thread: Resound 3D/Beltone Legends or Costco KS6 or Resound Cala

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    Personal opinion is dryer is not necessary. Open domes sound appropriate if you don't have much loss in lower frequencies. Trying TV program is a decent idea although it didn't work for me.

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    I went to Costco tonight and tried the KS7 and Cala by walking around in the store. Certainly in 10 minutes trial of each HA its hard to tell, but I ordered the KS7. In 10 minutes I could not tell $900 more cost for the Cala in what I heard, but perhaps if I tried them longer maybe.. They will come with a Rexton/KS mini S, 2 receiver and an open dome. The gentleman suggested that I try the open dome, he felt that would work the best for me. Being new to the whole process, I have nothing to base an opinion on.

    I asked about the devise for the TV, his comment was that the KS7 had a tv program and he thought I should try that first rather than spend the $350. I have been reading on the web that moisture is extremely hard on HA and the article suggested a dryer. Costco apparently has one for $40, is that a good accessory to have and if so, is Costco's the one to buy?

    Thanks again for all your help.
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    I use a $10 dryer from Amazon. The desiccant in renewable in a microwave or oven. There are electronic ones that need replacement desiccant. Many have a UV light to clean the aids. For those with frequent ear infections it is a help. For the rest, it is likely overkill.

    It certainly is a good idea to use something. If only to have a consistent storage device at night. Those in humid climates or with sweaty lifestyles should consider it a necessity.
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