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    Had Apple CarPlay installed yesterday with a Kenwood DNX994S in a 2017 Honda Fit LX. Seems to work well, but the hearing aid connection is a bit of a tricky issue. I had not experienced this before as I did not listen to the radio in my vehicle.

    When I use just CarPlay to make a call, the radio shuts off as it does in pretty much most auto entertainment systems. However, when I have the call go to my HAs, the radio keeps playing. As I see it, most of these entertainment systems have a simple protocol. Call comes in or goes out? Stop playing radio or music, till call ends. Same goes for navigation instructions. However, when the call is routed to the hearing aids, it seems to tell the system "Other activity has terminated, you can resume"

    When I use my Oticon OPN with my iPhone, works very well, and I really enjoy being hands-free with my call.

    When I wear my HAs in the car, I can hear the music, calls, map navigation quite well, but would still prefer to have it routed to my HAs.

    As it stands now, when I listen to music or watch YouTube on my computer, I have to remove my HAs and use earphones or earbuds. In my work, I have hour long consulting calls several times a day on either Skype or GoToMeeting and have to remove my HAs and use earphones or earbuds. So, a lot of my hearing day is having to be without my HAs.

    Talking to Apple, my audiologist and hopefully Kenwood soon, to try to resolve this.

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    Hands free?

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