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Thread: Ever Felt Like You Were Ripped Off?

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    Default Ever Felt Like You Were Ripped Off?

    If you have, please share your expriences here.

    I see that there are no posts in this area, so I have to assume that is a good thing, though.

  2. Default Scam or Good Business?

    I have some problems with what I may be getting in to. Though I have two
    brothers wearing aids, they seem to not be satisfied with the units they
    purchased and also have problems with the dealers of the products. It is
    apparent that this is a business for profit regardless. Each dealer is in favor
    of selling via the best profit rather than service and quality. I also see that
    support from the dealer/manufacturer can also be a problem. When I see
    the cost for such devises, I am scared whether my investment will provide
    me the best. Instruments up to $7,000 is outrages.

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    Default Research, Referrals and BBB

    It is always best to reseach prospective companies you are planning to do business with, ask doctors and other hearing aid wearers for referrals and check with your local Better Business Bureau to see if they are members.

    Certain manufacturers will also back up their products better than others, so I would research them too.

    Although no hearing aid can make hearing perfect again, a competent professional should be able to tell you what can be attained, verify each hearing aid fitting and provide you with after the sale service.

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    I believe Oticon has an unfair practice where the older the hearing aid is the more they charge for a repair.

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    I don't really see how that is unfair cortez. In order to service hearing aids that are say 10 years old, the company needs to keep old parts in stock just on the off chance that someone will want a repair. The aid may have long since been discontinued yet they need to keep dozens of parts lying around and continue to purchase and store these components so that their patients can continue to get service. Would you rather they simply told you that the unit was discontinued and could no longer be repaired like some companies do?

    While it may be fustrating I'm not sure it is fair to post it in the 'Ever felt you were ripped off?' section.

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    I can see your point after say 5 years after the model is phased out. However, Oticon raised the repair cost beginning 12 months after the purchase and ratcheting up every year. Within this 5 year period, the manufacturer can (at least should) expect aids coming back for repair given that 5 years is a typical wear period.

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    Surely the first 12 months should be free under warranty repair?

    Out of interest, what were they charging after one, two, three, four and five years?

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    I always try to pick what is best for each costumer regardless of price.
    Not the highest price instrument, most of my clients appreciate this
    and buys from me again. I would like to think most dispensers are like this,
    and pick what is best for you. Sometime clients are not willing to make a compromise and therefore, the choice has to be a very high end product.
    Zx14 Vs Hayabusa
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    I have found that the best products are often the mid-line products, not the high end ones. I think there are several reasons for this. First, the patient doesnt expect as much from the mid-line products and are much more satisfied. Second, the technology in the high end products is new. Ever bought the first generation telephone or iPod? They always are terrible. It takes a few years to work the kinks out of new technology.

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    most of my clients are very demanding, perhaps that is why i dont sell
    any entry level aids.. But i must say there are some mid level products
    when i started to fit hearing aids, we had either
    top of the line digital or basic analoge.. do you remember late 90's
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