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Thread: Ever Felt Like You Were Ripped Off?

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    I definitely think if you feel like you cannot fully trust the audie to work FOR you, and not just for your money, you should interview another. I'm getting to believe that all the top hearing aids are terrific: oticon, resound, siemens, widex, and more - but it's the audies and how they program our aids that makes the biggest difference. I started out with years ago with wonderful people who moved away. Then hooked up with a group connected to a major teaching hospital in Philly, and that person was pretty rude - I finally left her, and am now trying a new person, who seems pretty savvy and willing to work with me.
    Remember that part of that $6000 +- that you are paying for the aids is going toward the future service on those hearing aids, so the audie has to be willing to work with you from the getgo, or you won't get the service that you've paid for, and deserve.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khenkels
    I am beginning to feel scamed..or maybe it is the arrogance of these people. Yesturday, I was told that "I" was the only person that has had so many problems and needed so many adjustments...
    Not only would I walk out the door if I heard a comment like that, I would report them to your state attorney general. To me, harrassing a customer like that amounts to an unfair business practice. After all, the money you pay is not only for the hearing aid itself, it is for the advice and adjustments and some people need more than others.

    I am planning to talk to people who have hearing aids in my community, and my doctor who I trust, prior to picking an audiologist.
    I would have no hesitation to take legal action if I was ripped off and Texas has particularly powerful consumer fraud statutes but I don't want to do that if I can avoid it, so I will research first.

    Along the way, if I hear scam stories, I will help those I hear. Audiology services are valuable and worth money. Audiologists spend time and their own money gaining experience and I do not mind paying for that as it benefits me. Scammers are worthless and worth retribution.

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    I never would have thought people would review hearing centers on Yelp, but some do. This is another good resource to check.

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    We as an audiologist profession are moving toward a doctoring curriculum. This mean that we need a more extensive training program toward hearing and balance pathologies. Any complaint toward any audiologist professional can be addresses to the local Audiology academy or the national American Academy of Audiology. Both entities have ethical panel that have the responsibility to evaluate any complaint of patient toward any audiologist. Also all audiologist have to be license by the government. This is very important and imperative that any patient that visit an audiologist office check all the credential of fellow audiologist. You can visit the American Academy of Audiologist to find fellow member of the academy by state location. This can be a good starting point to find a competent audiologist.
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    I don't get this. Do people just walk in to the first audiologist they see listed in the yellow pages and then let him pick the aids for them, and then complain later when they are not happy? Everyone needs to take a little time before they buy anything, and if they are not happy with the way things are going then just walk out. Audiologists are like any other profession, there are good ones and bad ones. My first meeting, some 18 years ago, with my current audiologist was just a matter of sitting and talking. No sales pitch, no high pressure. To this day it's still the same. He makes me feel like he cares. When something breaks he gets me in immediately. I've learned to trust him and respect his opinion. Are hearing aids ridiculously expensive. Yes. But when I pay for mine at least I don't feel like something is being shoved down my throat, or in my ear. I consider myself fortunate.

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    Today I was told that I was too high maintenance as I had made it clear that I had talked to several people about my hearing loss. Basically I was told that I would require too much work for too little reward.

    This has all transpired because I am having great difficulty getting aids that do anything for my loss and I have looked on various forums in an effort to understand why.

    I am feeling that the hearing aid business is a rip-off!
    My NHS audiogram;
    Right ear : 250 - 20 : 500 - 45 ; 1000 - 50 ; 1500 - 40; 2000 - 30 ; 3000 - 30 ; 4000 - 15 ; 6000 - 10 ; 8000 - 20
    Left ear : 250 - 20; 500 - 55; 1000 - 60; 1500 - 55; 2000 - 50; 3000 - 40; 4000 - 15; 6000 - 10; 8000 - 20

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    After 2 years of ''Well come in and we will adjust them'' my Siemen's Cielos never did work right, still aren't working right, keep drifting to the shrill end, and now the provider tells me it is too late to do anything. I feel I was sold a defective product, and then strung along until it was too late. Ripped off is a mild way of putting it.

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    Would i be correct in saying that you are really at the mercy of the audiologist ?

    Thats say you meet an audiologist who makes a larger margin selling a certain model or brand or wants to promote a name brand for whatever reason not known to you. Considering he or she is the audiologist they can program whatever they want to program into a digital HA. They can do as they choose if you have not done the research and found someone you can trust .

    A simple example is in an electronics shop. If you want to push a particular model or brand you simply step up the contrast or use a better signal into the brand you want too push. Look you can see for yourself Sir that this TV clearly has a better picture ? Yep that looks clear too me ! Sign me up !

    So in the end the audiologist is clearly the person in control and it is very important they have only your best interest in mind. I would suggest THAT MOST DO HAVE YOUR BEST INTEREST IN MIND . Find one of them and you should have a full satisfaction guaranty that they are impartial and can get the job done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cortez
    I can see your point after say 5 years after the model is phased out. However, Oticon raised the repair cost beginning 12 months after the purchase and ratcheting up every year. Within this 5 year period, the manufacturer can (at least should) expect aids coming back for repair given that 5 years is a typical wear period.
    In my experience in the UK manufacturers usually charge a fixed standard repair fee to the dispenser.

    (Warranties usually run for 2 years before repair fees are incurred.)

    If your supplier has THEIR OWN rather creative fee schedule, perhaps that could explain the situation?
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    Hmm. I was able to purchase an extended warranty from Oticon, and everytime something went wrong with the aids they just replaced the aids instead of fixing them.

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