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Thread: eBay hearing aids

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    I would think that common sense would tell you that anything you buy on an online auction such as e bay should be checked into carefully before you make the purchase.

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    I read this thread last night because yesterday I lost one of my Oticon Deltas.

    Today, out of desperation I checked ebay and there's one used Delta set up for the right ear (what I need). The starting bid is $500. I wrote to the seller and asked for the serial number. (I'm not even sure where that is on this model). I also asked about the condition of the aid. Anything else I should do? Be wary of? It would be perfect if I could get a replacement at a reasonable price until I can afford new aids down the road.

    Thanks for any input.

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    There is a charity called "Yorkshire Aid Convoy". It's biggest contributor is the NHS. I have no idea what "ends up on the boat" but perhaps that may be a possibility for NHS aids ending up in Eastern Europe?

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    I've just received a pair of resound live 9 HA's I purchased on eBay from a private seller. They were her fathers and supposedly lightly used. They came with the original box, manual and three dead batteries. I inserted two new batteries BUT I am hearing no sound at all from either aid!!. I have tried for hours to get some sort of sound from these aids but, nothing!! I realize that they will have to be programmed for my hearing loss, but surely I should be able to hear something! Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Chris

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    Do you hear any signal that says they are active?
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    If they don't fire up return them to the seller.
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    If it's a slim tube BTE there could be wax or other debris stuck in the tubing that would prevent any sound from coming out. If it's an in-th-ear hearing aid the same could happen at the receiver end where the sound comes out into the ear canal. Check to make sure the devices are completely clean and then if they are still not working perhaps try some batteries that you purchased. If that still results in no sound, then they may be broken.

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    Do they have serial numbers?

    If not they could be plastic dummies ...
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    Wow, thanks for the info, I'll be careful in the future
    This really pisses me off, I mean, people are not honest it's crazy!

    Anyway, have a good day!

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    Often the problem of completely dead aids is in the contacts in the battery door. Are they clean? Are you sure the batteries used are good? Ed

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