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    We wanted to thank everyone that has provided comments or feedback regarding the Acoustitone PRO hearing aid.

    WE created the Acoustitone PRO hearing aid as a low-cost option (<$200) or starter hearing aid for the approximate 20 million people with un-aided hearing loss in the USA that cite cost as the prohibitive factor (35 million with hearing loss, 28 million not wearing hearing aids, 66% of these cite cost as the main deterrent to getting hearing aids).

    Based on feedback from our site,, and eBay, most of our patients are quite pleased with the performance of the Acoustitone PRO hearing aid. Many have commented that it works almost as well or sometimes better than hearing aids costing hundreds or thousands more.

    This project started out as a service for those that cannot afford custom hearing aids. As a physician, my recommendation would be that if you can afford a custom product, you will most likely get the better result than with the Acoustitone PRO (although some of our patients have stated otherwise).

    It is a one-size-fits-most hearing aid designed for mild-severe hearing loss. Keep in mind that it will not have the bells and whistles of the expensive hearing aids, but it will help people who otherwise cannot afford hearing aids and are currently doing without.

    Due to all of the federal regulation surrounding hearing aids, this is a grass-roots effort to help patients with no other hearing aid option, so if you try it and are satisfied, please spread the word.

    We welcome any comments or suggestions, as there is an enormous (and growing due to the economy/housing market, etc) hearing loss population that cannot afford traditional hearing aids and are currently being underserved.

    Thank you,

    Dr Cherukuri
    Otolaryngologist (Ear, Nose & Throat physician)
    Chicago, IL
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    The sound quality matches that of a $600 hearing aid. What does that mean?

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    I applaud your effort to help the part of the population that cannot afford hearing aids. I have a special interest in this area as I wrote my Master's Thesis on over-the-counter hearing aids. (Callaway, S.L., and Punch, J.L. (2008). An Electroacoustic Analysis of Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids. American Journal of Audiology, 17,14-24.) You can read a quick summary here: (we were/are not affiliated with Starkey, but I like the summary).

    I hope that some of the conclusions in the study could be of help to you and that you are very wary of the potential consumer risks associated with over-the-counter purchase of hearing aids. Personally, I don't feel it is a good idea, and from what you write, you recognize that it is not the ideal situation either, so that said, I hope you go about promoting your product in a responsible, honest, and easily-interpretable manner...hopefully with some research to back you up.

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    can we get some informations on this device? for example is it digital or analog, what's the amplifier circuit type, receiver? how many microphones?
    Don't forget that a hearing aid it's not a packet of chewing.gums

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    thanks God bless you

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